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Abnormal blood results

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Abnormal blood results

Unread postby dimitar.popovski » Wed Dec 24, 2014 2:31 pm

I am 26 years old male. I have abnormal test results:

MCHC -> 36.4 (High)
LY% -> 25.3 ; LY -> 1.2 (Low)
ALT -> 46.1 (High)
SPT -> 1.010 (Low)

Previously, I had 2 other blood tests, and 2 HIV tests. I started testing after possible HIV exposure 5 months ago. I took 2 HIV 4gen tests, the first one 1 month after exposure, the second one 2 months after exposure, the both were negative. In the HIV forum I was told that I am conclusively HIV negative.

My previous blood tests were:

LY -> 1.6 (Low)
SPT -> 1.010 (Low)


LY -> 1.5 (Low)
SPT -> 1.010 (Low)

Any suggestions on what test I should do next?

I am very worried.

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