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Anemia? Diabetes? Something Else?

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Anemia? Diabetes? Something Else?

Unread postby HealthForum » Sun Mar 27, 2011 8:58 am

My period was 13 days late, but the start of it seems to have come today.
[Now I have some period symptoms on top of the ones listed below.]

Ive recently been FREEZING my butt off.
No matter how much clothes, or blankets, I still get to the point of freezing!
But then its almost like sometimes I get REALLY got after being cold, like sweating.
So I take off layers, but then its like im cold again.
Theres no inbetween, or happy medium.
When I wake up in the morning im all sweaty, and sticky, yet cold.
As if I was having night sweats.
And theres been a couple days ive just felt really weird, like dizzy.
And I was kind of bloated at one point.
My right breast hurts, just the underneath part, but thats it.
I also have been having indegestion, and my stomach keeps making gurgly noises, more than usual.
I also have been having headaches.
And been really tired, I even napped for over an hour today, and wanted to sleep even more.
Ive been falling asleep a little before, and a little after nine at night, which isnt usual.
Ive kind of been taking a few more trips to the bathroom, and its like a sudden urge to have to pee, not really gradual.
One more thing is I seem a little more thirsty than normal.
Ugh, I dont know.

Any ideas?

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