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Bruising all over legs causing concern

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Bruising all over legs causing concern

Unread postby HealthForum » Sat Mar 26, 2011 9:12 pm

Hi there, I dont know where else to put this because other than this slight problem I am in good health and there is nothing wrong with me
I am 17, I do take a pill (the pill) for several reasons, but I dont know whether that would affect this.

Right, as of late, I have been getting some serious looking bruises all over my legs (these look as though I have been beaten up quite severely). I am quite accident prone, but never before have I had such bruises that I am worried slightly.

The only things that have changed in my life are a new boyfriend (he's lovely, so the bruises arent from him XD) and I have started excersising a lot more than I used to.

They show up very clearly as I am very pale, and the bruises are a horrible black and purple colour. They are on my upper leg, and my lower leg on the inside, they dont hurt to touch them, and I dont want to waste time at the doctors if they arent serious - I dont know whether to be worried about these or not, should I see my GP?

Thank you :3

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