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Can This Actually Be Demonic Possession?

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Can This Actually Be Demonic Possession?

Postby HealthForum » Sat Mar 26, 2011 7:48 pm

I'm new here, and I was wondering if anyone ever thought schizophrenia might just be demonic possession. I hear voices in my head when i'm trying to sleep at night and all day long aswell. If there's music playing or if any sound is blocking out the voices I can still hear them coming from the music and other sounds. This drives me insane...These voices talk to me all day non stop, specially this one female voice who never shuts up.
There's 3 main voices that talk persistently and they call themselves reptilians, they say they're demons sent to destroy my life and soul, apparntly they want me dead.

These reptilians could actually be them 'serpents' fom the bible i've read about, sounds nuts but you never know. I looked these reptilians up on the net and almost !**@! myself when I found a load of websites related to them.
If this sounds to crazy, go look them up on the net...Supposedly their aliens.
I feel nuts typing about this crazyness but it's I just wanted to know if anyone else can actually converse with the voices they hear. Like...You ever get fed up and tell 'em to shut the f*k up? That's when they started talking back to me. *sigh*
anyways...I'm convinced i'm possessed by these "demons" and they're here to drive me insane till I hurt myself or commit suicide.
Heh, if i'm not crazy and they're actually reptoids, then them things are real and let me tell you, they are ugly as hell!
You can find some pics on the net, if anyone is familiar with david icke you know exactly what i'm talking about. He's a researcher and knows more about these reps than anyone else. You can check out watcherfiles.Com, this has the most info on them imo.

Sorry if I weirded anyone out, I must sound completly nuts here but I bet there's others out there that believe in possession aswell but don't wanna post about it and sound like a commited nutcase.
If anyone is familiar with this kinda thing plz respond....

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Re: Can This Actually Be Demonic Possession?

Postby axell » Thu Jul 20, 2017 8:18 am

Hello everybody. Wow, that even happens. Well, I heard for demonic manifestations and a similar nonsense. Is it worth believing in this?
Could this be true? Or is it just a mirage. Maybe it's worth to rest more?
I know exactly, but I can not believe in this nonsense. Spirits, poltrayst, aliens are all about one thing. Someone just needs to find a job.
I heard from friends about such phenomena. But still do not believe in them. Ahinea as you remember. I'd rather spend time with my friends. And it's ridiculous to waste your energy on "something".

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