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Clear Bubbles Underneath Tongue

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Clear Bubbles Underneath Tongue

Unread postby HealthForum » Sun Mar 27, 2011 4:02 pm

Greetings, i'm not sure to put this so I figured i'd start it here first.

About 3 months ago on the underside of my tongue (not the bottom of my mouth where the saliva glands are) a clear bubble showed up. I kept popping it but nothing happened, it would go away and then get back to where it was. It was always in the same place and didnt seem to spread or anything. I decided to go to the doctor and left it alone for the few days before my appointment and by the time I got there the bubble was gone, I can still feel a bump there when I run my teeth over it but the bubble is gone. I had nothing to show the doctor so he said not to worry about it.

About a month ago I was having lunch and I felt another bump. Its on the opposite side of my tongue (on the right side as opposed to the first one which was on the left) and doesnt seem to want to go away again. Both seem/ed kind of hard and it takes some work to pop them.

Some background. I am 21 i've been sexually active with three partners and all stated that they were virgins.

Of all the websites on the web I found one link that showed the same condition but the doctor replyed "it could be anything, consult your doctor" I have looked into hpv but the images i've been looking at don't look anything like it. They say its collyflower like but some can start clear, but i've never developed a collyflower growth. I dont have herpes or aids (checked while at the doctors) I also heard it may be a condition of the salivary gland collecting liquid in the surrounding skin, but again this is on my tongue.

Any insight would be helpful or if you've had it and gotten rid of it or even better found out what it is please respond.

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