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Postby Savaty » Thu Jul 27, 2017 1:23 pm

Last month, during my routine gynecological check, I found that I had a yellow body cyst on the right ovary. About 4 cm somewhere. And I'm with IR, but also with Hashimoto. My doctor gave me orgametril for 2 weeks. Although, if I have to be fair, I felt it myself. I had a lot of strange pains, and after my M. I had on my panies for the first 2 days big blood clots,
So I thought the cyst was cracked but of course I can not be 100% sure until I go back to see me doctor.
I did not have any side effects from Orgametril except some strange pains, a type of contractions / spasms starting several days after taking it and that lasted about 10 days. When I later shared my doctor, he was a little surprised. Haid it was not typical and did not know what the pains might be.
I wish all of you such a favorable development. If the cyst does not burst, laparoscopy is also not fatal (I had it last autumn). But my cyst was very big then - about 10 cm. And they did not watch it during the time, so the worries were, by analogy, bigger.
Are there others with such problems, please share?!? :let

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