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Unread postby HealthForum » Sun Mar 27, 2011 9:02 am

I'm new here. I've had back pain since October, 2009. Seems I have a herniated and degenerative disk (L5). I've been through physical therapy, chiropractor treatments, and epidural spinal injections. The only thing that worked were the injections. Long story short, my back is getting worse, affecting the quality of my life and making me say, "I can't live like this".

My neurosurgeon has me scheduled for a diskogram in a few days. I'm deathly afraid of this. One comment I saw here said, "Nothing prepares you for the pain and spasms of a diskogram". I'm already in pretty bad shape, and I'm very afraid this test will make me hurt worse. The surgeon downplays the procedure, but my chiro said it was rather "unpleasant". If a doctor says it's "unpleasant", then it must be really horrible.

I've turned down this test like 3 times but now I have to have it in order to have my back surgery repaired.

From the comments I have read, it seems I'd rather die than go through this test. Did ANYONE have an OK experience?!? Is there any good news out there about a diskogram?!? Can someone reply to help get me through this?!?

Thank you.

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