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Dizziness and normal blood pressure limits

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Dizziness and normal blood pressure limits

Unread postby HealthForum » Sun Mar 27, 2011 5:21 pm

28 male overweight. I've been feeling light headed for the last 6 months. has tapered off a little until a week ago. I now feel extremely light headed and a little dizzy and really tired when I wake up in the morning....even after 8 or so hours of sleep. I also have been having more episodes of pvc's lately too. Seems like the longer i'm awake, the better I feel. By the end of the night I feel good, then the next morning it starts all over again. Dr said i'm just depressed....LOL. No i'm not! lot of good things going in my life and depression is the farthest from my mind. Cardiologist says I'm fine. electrolytes check out fine and i'm not diabetic. I did show a low heart rate on the halter monitor....upper 30's while sleeping. Still feeling light headed during the day, but gets a little better when I lie down. Went to the ER yesterday morning feeling like I could pass out I was so light headed and pale. Everything checked out and they sent me home. HELP?????

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