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Feeling like giving up

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Feeling like giving up

Postby sarabrown » Sat Sep 16, 2017 9:28 am

I was married to the man who had a wife in past. He had lot of issues with his first wife and I couldn’t even able to tell the situation that made my husband numb. I worked and give him a great life.
The one problem is that I am facing that he had many test with his first wife. Those tests show that I can’t get pregnant because he has infertility issue. I am just lowering the time to think about the infertility issue. I have been trying everything to figure out solutions for the issue.

I am going through forum to forum to get the support and love from the people. It ‘s been a great time and helping my husband to make the things which is important. We are going to meet doctors and experts to learn about the issue.
I really don’t feeling right when somebody saying that I am not going to pregnant. I just want to prove everyone wrong about their opinions. Let’s make it clear about my issue.
I have been trying to conceive since the first year of marriage. I have been trying hard and working really hard on myself. It is not easy to face this kind of situation. It really don’t know how can I cop up with the situations but I believe I can make it.
I went through several tests and I am going for some text next week. The test will show the real issue with me.

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