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Fluid squirting from vagina?

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Fluid squirting from vagina?

Unread postby HealthForum » Sat Mar 26, 2011 8:27 pm

My wife and I enjoy an active sex life, so we thought. Over the last week we have had a dramatic change in our foreplay. I will gently tease my wifes clit and when she is aroused enough she guides my fingers to her vagina. Within 15 seconds of my fingers penertating she is going wild and then she sprays fluid down my fingers into and onto my hand. I have found this on here to be descibed as squirting. My question is what is actually being squirted. We are not bragging, but we do not understand how it can happen so many times in one session. Last night it happened 11 times in just under one hour. The quilt cover was soaked and so were we. We are in our early 40's and have been together for 23 years and nothing has ever happened like this before. My wife is drained of all energy but is left well satisfied. We like to have oral sex but I am not into the Yellow shower or anything weird. I find it highly stimulating but I do not like th idea of being urinated on.

Please help ME understand as I feel I have finally got the hangof how to fulfill her.

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Re: Fluid squirting from vagina?

Unread postby bethgough » Wed Aug 03, 2011 3:12 am

I had read all of this which you had mentioned here and i must says that your wife had fluid squirting from vagina because of G-Spot 's Simulation.

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Re: Fluid squirting from vagina?

Unread postby ankit123 » Mon Aug 29, 2011 9:46 am

Thanks for you answer bethgough but i did not get ur this point ( G-Spot 's Simulation.).can you tell me about this?

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Re: Fluid squirting from vagina?

Unread postby mack551 » Wed Jun 26, 2013 6:55 pm

G-spot mean it is a point in the vagina there a really fun and get to chance women were pregnant......

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Re: Fluid squirting from vagina?

Unread postby Shree1990 » Mon Aug 28, 2017 7:49 am

Wow, I am 27 and a lot of this was news to me. I haven't experienced any such pleasure yet. I am not even certain if I have in fact experienced an orgasm. I read in some magazine that women do develop a sexual appetite later on in life. They explained the early sexcapades as just experiments. Another book I read explained that while young, men and women are concerned by just the act, but later on they involve their minds in it and this is when people experience sex as it should be. I admit, most men I have been with didn't care much about talking during sex. It was very mechanical and disinterested. But then again, I am very shy too. I am not sure most times how to let my partner know that I require more mental stimuation.

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