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How my lovely dolphins made me infertile

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How my lovely dolphins made me infertile

Unread postby Lightdarkerthan » Mon Aug 14, 2017 11:14 am

Five years ago I’ve been working as an instructor at the big dolphinarium down south. That was perhaps the most amazing time which I had.
You even can’t imagine how the dolphins can make people happy just because they dive and swim next to them. The dolphins are like a functional cure for a lot of disorders.
I was amazed how well they could treat people and how they teach people to be kinder and understand a grace of nature. I remember that lots of women which particularly had an unexplained type of infertility visited our dolphinarium for undergoing a special therapy. They were advised that swimming with dolphins could help them to fight their health problems while official medicine was unable to give a real help.
I don’t know whether it helped in fact but those women but I saw how it was pleasing for them.
My love to those miraculous animals was huge and I wanted to dedicate my life to working with them.
However, my plans and dreams have been broken because my husband and I had to move to another city.
In order to prove my love and respect I decided to make a tattoo. In perspective it had to be an image of two jumping dolphins which should beautify my lower belly.
I’ve done it on the departure day. Approximately in two weeks I suddenly felt an intense itching at the place where I had my tattoo. As well there were unpleasant wheals and redness as well there.
In one day after I noticed those symptoms I began feeling worse I also had a burning pain in my throat.
We applied to a physician when the fever and stinking vomiting joined the full picture. I was afraid to die.
This was a beginning of my horrible story I’m going to tell.
I even couldn’t be aware I had been pregnant when I ordered my tattoo. I’ve caught a contagion. And the infection which I was carrying caused a stillbirth. As a rule, the women have a rejection and a spontaneous extricating of fetus but in some reasons my baby’s dead body continued being in me and putrefying. I had only poor yellow spotting during last several days before I felt bad but that spotting didn't seem as a warning signal to us. I was diagnosed with a pyometra or a purulent endomyometritis.
During surgery (hysterectomy) my uterus has been removed because due to a severe health state it was high risk of systemic infection and sepsis that could cause death.
Only after a complex treatment setting including a long raw of antibiotics and immunotropic injections I began feeling better. It’s better to say my body began to feel better but I didn’t.
In short period I experienced a real disaster which totally changed my future life.
Yesterday we visited a local dolphinarium. I sat watching how the dolphins were gladly diving and swimming together with their visitors. As usual they gifted a happiness to people.
And I was crying looking at the disfigured place of my tattoo which had stolen my hope for my parenting future.


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Re: How my lovely dolphins made me infertile

Unread postby Lookatmenow » Thu Aug 17, 2017 10:41 am

Hello dear. I am extremely sorry for what happened to you. Sometimes we forget that the smallest stuff can cause the biggest problems. I really feel bad for you! This post was amazing though. When i first red the title I thought that it will have some zoophilia material. I was wrong thanks to God.

At another note, all the jokes aside... I don't know how to feel about this story. This emoji here :doh kinda of explains it. It makes me angry, furious then sad. I wish things were different. Hey look at the good side though. You survived! Also there are still chances for you to become a mother. Surrogacy is a thing, then there is adopting. You still have a chance to be a mother! I mean if you didn't what about me? I have been infertile my whole life.

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Re: How my lovely dolphins made me infertile

Unread postby Rita » Mon Aug 28, 2017 8:25 pm

What a terrible story! I love dolphins so much. Your tattoo master is not a professional. This is all his false. But please, don't give up. Try to do everything possible to realize your dream. I wish you all the best! Keep posting, please.

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