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I truly hate my parents. they have no responsibility to me.

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I truly hate my parents. they have no responsibility to me.

Postby HealthForum » Sun Mar 27, 2011 5:06 pm

I hate them. especially my father. they have no responsibility to thier child! they constantly say they dont have money and thyr broke, sure ! for cigarettes&berr&hosting guests&expensive stupid food for that they do have the money! but send thier child to school they cant! each month is the same. same reply "next month we will " ---the other month "no money. next month(salary) ""
i dont have books for school,i dont have a bagpack,i dont have notebooks(afew)i dont have clothes i have only 1 pair of jeans i hate going to school ive been wearing this jeans for 3 months. yes, disgcusting! i have a very low self confidence because of that im ashmed to go to school. my parents just cant deal with money ! my parents took a loan a few days ago my mom promised(again) to buy me the school suppley\new clothes\and a new bagpack. she asked me to ask from my dad the money but he said we dont have money ! we started yeelling at each other i started crying (because its the same replay in 3 months). he said that i must work and take care of myself its his job ! hes my ]parent!!! thats what parents do they take care of thier children they must take care of that not me!!! they need to make sure thier kids have clothes\school gear! were not in the 20c* or russia i truly hate them when it comes to money they no responsibility!!! why hell did they brought children to this world?! rising kids its not just about giving a shelter,&food im not a dog! i feel. like a bloody dog. i hate my life. i wanna done with school&army and move away from here.
i don't have the needs of a dog. im not a dog. ,

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Re: I truly hate my parents. they have no responsibility to

Postby johncameron1985 » Sat May 14, 2011 7:29 pm

Every parents have a responsibility to their children. Only you feel that they have no responsibility to you. I think there is problem with you. Try to find the exact reason. Either they are very busy with their work or something else. Discussion has more power and it will solve your problem. After that live with your parents happily.

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Re: I truly hate my parents. they have no responsibility to

Postby harryswillamis » Fri Dec 09, 2011 11:12 am

It is not at all true, as we all know hat parents always think better for there child. Parents love there child a lot the thing is that they have to show the rudeness as it is necessary. Never keep this kind of thinking as it is not at all good. Try to understand your parents.

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Re: I truly hate my parents. they have no responsibility to

Postby ma.gazelle » Fri Feb 24, 2012 9:51 am

be good in your study and love your not see bad word in your parent coz your parent is want who love you... try to understand them...what ever happend he/she still he is your this wrold....

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Re: I truly hate my parents. they have no responsibility to

Postby Audrey » Tue Mar 27, 2012 1:16 pm

Your parents must have some genuine problem, being a child you should listen to them and understand them. Discuss your problem with them and together find some real solution. Have some patience and try to concentrate on your studies.

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