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ICSI Treatment

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ICSI Treatment

Unread postby markmiz » Wed Aug 16, 2017 4:37 pm


I have not been on here for a while but I need some help.

On Monday I had some eggs collected to then do ICSI treatment. They only managed to get 3 eggs which wasnt great as i did have 7 folicules, but i do have one ovary so 3 is better than nothing. My FSH is 11 which again isnt great.

Anyway, we after the egg collection we then had to wait till the next day to find out how many fertilized-we were hoping for at least 2.

I got a call on Tuesday saying that sadly none of my 3 eggs had fertilized with my partner's sperm. They wouldn't tell me why and I have to wait till Friday for our follow up an app.

We are both totally devastated that it didn't work-we didn't even get any embryos which sucks even more. This has been a long process for us with a lot of bad luck and I was just hoping that maybe it was our time for some good luck obviously not yet!

I have been reading on the internet and while it's rare for no fertilization to take place is does happen. Has this happened to anyone?? And if it has, did they say why-sperm quality, egg quality??? I also would like to know if it was just bad luck and there is nothing wrong with my egg or partners sperm...when can we try again??

Thank you in advance for your reply's.

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Re: ICSI Treatment

Unread postby lizamorey » Wed Aug 16, 2017 4:46 pm

Hi markmiz,

You don't say what kind of tests your hubby has had on his sperm though so if he has not really been investigated because he had a good result, then possibly it might still be a genetic issue on his part.

I'm under the impression that at some clinics they make you wait 3 cycles before trying again but other seems to let you try right away. If you need further diagnostics then it might be several months away.

I don't suppose all of that would have cheered you up much, so hopefully your consultant will have a more positive opinion based on actually knowing your situation better than i do.

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Re: ICSI Treatment

Unread postby ainsleymarley » Wed Aug 16, 2017 4:50 pm

Hi markmiz,

Sorry your ICSI cycle failed. Having been through the long, long procedure myself I know how much you must have been disappointed to learn no fertilization occurred.

I received ICSI and IVF. When I got the call from the hospital the following day I was so surprised to hear that my 8 eggs that were put forward for IVF failed to fertilize. I was told it was either the sperm that has a substance missing from the head of the sperm or my eggs have a hard membrane too tough to penetrate. With expensive tests we may know more but we cannot afford this.

My other 8 eggs were put forward for ICSI and only two were grade 1. So they inserted two. I don't know why the others failed to fertilize they did not say but it just happens.

So far one or two of those embodies worked and I'm currently pregnant but taking one day at a time.

Don't give up hun look forward to the next step.

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