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Im the abuser.

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Im the abuser.

Unread postby HealthForum » Sun Mar 27, 2011 5:10 pm

Ive been reading different websites, and have come to a shocking conclusion. I am THAT guy! The one who is insainly insecure, and has fears of losing the love in his life. The one who has been soo verbally abusive and out of control with his anger that it pushed my wife away. The one who ddenyed help and acted like it was everyone elses fault for making me mad. The one who destroyed a great relationship. The one that had love, and twisted it, tortured it so that now it doesnt exist. The one who couldnt control his own outbursts, but tried to control everyone else. The one who once had the dream, but forced it away. I am the one. Im not happy about it. Im not bragging about it. if you read my earleir post, youd understand. I did this, noone else. The fear I had turned to anger, and that my friends left me with emptyness, no friends, no family, no wife, no kids, nothing. All it did was give me new i sit alone, in a dark place, looking at myself in the mirror and realizing, noone is behind me. To all those who are in abusive relationships...demand your spouse get help. If they wont..leave. Thats what my wife did. I cant blame her. If i could leave me too, i would. Im the one, the one you should run from.

** I am receiving help..but its to late for my marriage. Whats done is done. All i can do is better myself for my daughter, and myself, and hope oneday, everyone will forgive me.**

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