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Inguinal Hernia and testicle pain

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Inguinal Hernia and testicle pain

Unread postby HealthForum » Sun Mar 27, 2011 9:29 am


I have a few questions about a hernia. After having this pain for about 5 months. I found out today from my specailist that I have a Ingiunal Hernia. It showed up from the ultra sound scan. My GP didnt see it 5 months ago and neither did my specailist at first.

I originally went to my GP because I have pains in my right testicle. He gave me some pain killers and an anti inflammatory for 2 weeks but the pain didnt go away.

I never had pains in the area the hernia showded, only a little bit when it is pressed or when the ultra sound scan was on it.

So in December, I went to a specailist urologist and he also checked for a Hernia did the cough and after checking my testicles he said he thinks the right one has a an infection.
So I take the medicine and anti inflammatory's again. I didnt feel better till a few days after it was finished and then my pain was less for a good 4-7 days.

My pains have always been on the right side of my right testicle, a feeling of tightness sometimes, numbness, overal discomfort and pain. I havent been able to do any exercise and no sex because it is very uncomfortable at those times.

Other pains I feel are on my right hip, inner thight ect. Feeling or ache or numbness.

Also my bladder seems to be acting weird, and sometimes (especailly at night) discomfort in my scrotum after urinating.

So today I went to my scan appointment and to my urologist straight after.
While doing the scan, the doctor said, your testicles seem to be perfectly fine, but there is a hernia. A small Hernia 7mm.

The urologist afterwards said, your testicles seem to be fine, but it seems to be the hernia is near (or on) the illionguinal genitofemoral nerve, and that is why you have been feeling the pains in your testicles and inner thights, hips ect. It is connected.

I'm normally train a lot and keep fight, but for about 6 months before this injury I didnt train much. I've have had alot happening in my life and my other health issues which Im not going to get into, so I havent training.
And a couple days before I felt the pain, I was doing some gardening and was lifitng a sledge hammer and made a sudden move. Later after having sex with my fiance, I felt pain in my testicle and it started then.

So I know this is very long, but does all this sound right to you?
I have a few questions?

1. Does the nerve thing, conencted with the Hernia make sense to why my testicle has been feeling so bad and painful all these months? Some better days, but mostly bad.

2. How long does it take to recover from a operation like this? He booked me in to speak with the surgeon.

3. Will I ever be able to lift heavy weights and train hard, 6-8 hours a day. (I'm a martial artist and dream of going pro after this)

4. How will the mesh feel like?

Thanks guys and really hope you can help.

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