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Is IVF the better option?

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Re: Is IVF the better option?

Unread postby Arose » Sat Sep 23, 2017 7:37 am

Maya wrote:My friend faced similar predicaments. She was so depressed. Tried to convince her to join forums for possible help but she had given up. As a good friend I did it for her. I joined ten forums and asked for help.

I got very many suggestions, looked up all of them and made calls to the clinics. I settled on three of the clinics that I presumed best. At this point I involved her because the final decision had to be hers.

Upon further inquiry into the clinics and the prices, she settled on Biotexcom, a clinic in Ukraine. She got the help via IVF. She is now in her second trimester!

So there's hope sister. Worry not.

Hi Kara
I pity you. However, I want to encourage you to soldier on. Many women who have been diagnosed with infertility have managed to overcome the challenges and are now a happy mother. Science and technology have changed the way things work, and you can now become a happy mother anytime you choose. IVF is one of the methods most couple resort to help overcome various infertility challenges. You have indicated here that your doctor recommended IVF? Fine if this is the case then your chances of benefiting from the process are high. Maybe let me state here that IVF is a solution for many types of infertility save for cases where a woman does not have ovaries or where she lost her womb to medical conditions. Otherwise, any other form of infertility will find solutions in the IVF process. You had also wanted to know whether IVF can affect your overall health. The answer is No. IVF does not affect the overall health of the mother. It mimics the natural method of conception, and so it is safer than any other methods that can be used to go round infertility.

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Re: Is IVF the better option?

Unread postby Arose » Tue Sep 26, 2017 6:13 am

First, let me say that I am sorry for what you are going through. You need to take heart because it happens. However, I want to assure you that advances in technology have made things easier and you will soon join the league of happy parents if you embrace the technology. I would suggest that you follow your doctor’s advice and pursue IVF. It is the best option for couples with fertility issues, but who are willing to become parents. The cost of each cycle in Europe is about $10,000 and has a success rate of about 40 percent.
How it works
The embryologist will select a healthy-looking sperm from your husbands’ semen and inject it into an egg retrieved from your ovaries. It will be observed in the lab for five days, and if it shows signs that it is growing, it will be transferred into the uterus via the IVF process. It works well in couples with low sperm quality or those who have low sperm count but who are keen to become fathers.

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Re: Is IVF the better option?

Unread postby kelly_K » Thu Sep 28, 2017 4:21 am

Hi dear. There are many couples in the world who desire to become parents and struggling terribly in life. I can understand your condition and want to clear all the doubts about the IVF. If you want to become the mother then IVF is the ultimate and best option for you. It is the dream of every woman to get pregnant and start the new phase in life. To defeat the infertility issues in the professional way, Biotexcom is the ultimate and reputed platform for you. Many women visits there and get the desirable result. You are living in the advance medical research generation where it is very easy to defeat the infertility issues and get pregnant. Now you do not need to go anywhere and get the high standard of IVF treatment which is completely safe and secure for women. Today’s, IVF is high recommended and it is the best treatment to cure the infertility issues. During the treatment you will get the high quality of sperms which meet with the eggs and directly connect with the womb to create the embryo.
Before going through the treatment, you need to make the womb strong by having the high nutrients and multivitamins food daily. It helps in making the womb strong and you can easily able to get fertile. Now you do not need to get worry and get the high level of IVF treatment that perfectly meet your requirement. In Ukraine you will get the best treatment and able to become the mother. To keep the womb strong, you need to add the iron rich and fiber nutrients foods in your meal daily. I hope you would like my suggestion.

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