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Keeping itchy psoriasis away

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Keeping itchy psoriasis away

Unread postby dejin » Thu May 15, 2014 10:06 am

[url=]Psoriasis treatment[/url] is an area that still under research in modern medicine and still claims that most of forms are not completely curable. This is a chronic skin disease that is characterized by patches of areas on the skin where dry skin accumulates and at times scaly appearance and itchiness of the skin when the atmosphere is dry is a common manifestation of the disease. This disease is not of a communicable type and is believed to be caused due to a hyperactivity of the immune system. It is easily possible to delay the onset of the disease by controlling the external factors that trigger the disease but a permanent cure for this recurring disease is difficult in modern medicine. Some of the natural remedies that can be practiced at home to help ease the symptoms associated with the disease include liberal intake of buttermilk with fruits, cooked veggies, and consumption of easily digestible foods. It is helpful to avoid canned foods, spicy foods and foods that have opposite effects as they hinder in smooth digestion and can prove detrimental to the condition of the patient. According to Ayurveda, a complete internal purification is essential as a prelude to other treatments as psoriasis is associated with the impurities accumulated in the blood. In addition to this, hot oil massages with medicated oils and internal medicines that ensure daily purgation and medicines that give internal strengthen the immune system are also given to cure the patient.

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