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Unread postby HealthForum » Sun Mar 27, 2011 4:06 pm

I've had my keloids ever since my acne cleared up and it hate them. I have 2 on my chest and 2 on both my shoulders. I was getting steroid shots for it but it hurt like hell and I haven't gotten them in a while. There wasn't a big effect getting them either. Has anyone had treatment for keloids?

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Re: Keloids!!

Unread postby acostajerico » Mon Oct 24, 2011 8:05 am

When I lived in NYC I was going to a dermatologist who was giving my keloids injections of steroids at $185 each visit. It finally got too pricey so I stopped.

I moved over to the UK and found that they have this wonderful thing called Nationalized health care! I had to go on the waiting list for 6 months but I finally started treatment last August (5 months ago).

I didn't realize the progress I made until I looked at a photo from 5 years ago. Wowowo what a difference! Will post pics later.

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Re: Keloids!!

Unread postby Gerhard21 » Wed Dec 07, 2011 6:53 am

I have 8 keloid scars on my chest, Thirteen on my left shoulder, 1 on my small right shoulder as well as 5 which are small and barely noticeable on my small throat.

I've all of them because 3 years back when i started to consider these types of medicine against acne breakouts which called reakutan (im not confident that its typed right). These people by no means grew, by no means obtained smaller, they just stayed presently there for those 3 long many years.

The majority of my friends have no idea about their existence, I usually wear the dark t shirts that make all of them look undetectable, even at the gym which i exercise within we hold back until everyone get out of the area that you change clothing in and shower to go into therefore people will not see them.

Only 2 of my close friends learn about their own existence, as well as their awesome with it, and they do not treatment which i ask them to. but the very first response in their eyes and on their own encounters when i demonstrated all of them the actual marks will always be in my mind, I know that individuals cant manage their own first responses however it just harm me a lot.

The final time i didnt put on a top in public places was 12 months ago by the pool, nobody dared to ask me personally about those scars, but the eye of the people which stared done ample that i can understand that its much better which i conceal those scars. I actually wished that somebody would ask me personally about the subject and so i could give an explanation, however no one do and i would never forget individuals individuals eyes. At least when i hide them those eye which stare disappear and i really feel convenient about people.

At the moment i'm performing Two remedies to get rid of them, one of them may be the laser treatment the doctor do on the keloids on my upper body, im having this ones a mounth, I've tried it only types to date, the only alter is that their colour changes to less red/pink, but the dimension did not alter however, but im going to get it again this Wednesday, and im hoping that they will get smaller sized this time.

The second treatment methods are the anabolic steroid shot that the doctor do on the rest of my personal keloids, this hurt a little bit especially on the ones on my small throat but not as much as your eyes of the people that stare. i've done it just ones to date too, also it actually helps just a little, it built them into be considered a small smaller sized in their volume or capacity (i have looked for the word in the book therefore im not sure its the right translation however i imply that their "height" got smaller but their "width" did not change still) plus they bacame much less "hard", now that i contact all of them their own more soft. I'm going to possess laser hair removal again this particular Thurs and im hoping for much more great results from this therapy.

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Re: Keloids!!

Unread postby arthurlee » Tue Jun 26, 2012 1:07 pm

I have 4 keloid scars, two on my chest and 2 on my shoulder. I really want to get rid of this scary scars. Can anyone suggest me sure shot remedy to wipe it out.

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