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Lupus & Tattoos?

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Lupus & Tattoos?

Unread postby HealthForum » Sun Mar 27, 2011 9:53 am

I have SLE, i've been in remission for awhile now and i've just been dying to get a tattoo, i'm an artist and i'm a very analytical symbolic person and the only reason i never got a tattoo before was because i had a huge fear of needles; (but now i'm used to them.)

i have asked my doctor, he says no, but i feel that is a more personal opinion, hes from pakistan and hes very conservative and i feel that hes just against tattoos in general so i dont trust his answer.

i actually dont entirely like my doctor, hes not easy to talk to, when i first asked about the tattoo he pretty much just shot back a no and said i could get hepatitis

it was my impression, correct me if i'm wrong though, that the only way you can get hepatitis from a tattoo would be the ink & the needles, if they were reused and not brand new? which i hear nowadays most tattoo artists dont reuse needles and ink, i would specifically ask and pay more if need be and i would be shopping around for different artists to get a really good quality legit artists.

also i have no affects to any other things that they always claim will cause flare-ups like drinking or being in the sun. i'm on very low medication so i dont think that would conflict, i have no blod clot issues nor am i on blood thinners;

the other thing my doctor said is that it wouldnt heal, buttt my skin does heal i get bruises (cause i always have, i'm clumsy) and cuts and they heal up at the normal rate

it is something that i do want dearly, a tattoo is a way for great personal expression and i've thought alot about this.

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