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Post Op Inguinal Hernia Pain ever since surgery

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Post Op Inguinal Hernia Pain ever since surgery

Unread postby HealthForum » Sun Mar 27, 2011 9:30 am

Ok I am a 25 year old male, When I was around the age of 20 the doctor had said I had an inguinal hernia after a physical. He told me that it wasn't "constricted" so we didn't have to perform surgery right away, but we would have to perform surgery. On feb 23rd 2006 I went into the operating room to have the hernia repaired with a "tension free mesh plug" or somesort, he showed me what they used and it was a coffee filter like fishline mesh material and another mesh sheet. I have went back to this doctor numerous times and he claims "the hernia has been repaired and that I am the only 1 out of 1000's of patients that has came back after surgery complaining of pain" He give me celebrex and this did not even help one bit. I have worked very hard over the past 3 years to even make enough money to pay for this surgery it had costed me about 7000 dollars all together. It took me 3 years to pay off. I went back in about 1 month after for a "check up" he claimed everything was healing fine. I have had problems ever since I have had this surgery, if it is my opinion and a doctor tells you you have this dont get it operated on because they are just out for your money apparently. Every time I go back to him with pain he says "We dont know what is causing your pain" and doesn't help me out in any way shape or form. I am getting to the point where I work all the time, try to get my Computer Engineering degree and I had to put that off for a few years while I paid on this 7000 dollars surgery bill. I can only describe the symptoms as this: Knife like stabbing sharp pains feels like I am getting stabbed by a dagger in the very top of my hip, it hurts to move and I am a cook at a restaurant. So I am on my feet all the time, I dont really ever get to eat there because its so friggen busy, and I am constantly lifting empty kegs out of corners of coolers that messes up my entire function. I am to the point where I no longer enjoy life due to this pain, and it just keeps getting worse and worse. I have gone to about 10 different doctors and they all may be buddy "buddy" if you know what I mean. No tests have been done, one doctor actully recommended me to get an MRI but after having this surgery and blowing 7000 and having the doctors basicly brush me off as not an individual or a human being but a price tag. I am in persisten pain every day of my life, I have testicle pain every day, pivoting sideways hurts extremely, if the pain isnt the sharp stabbing like sensation in the top of my right hip then it feels like my right testicle is pushing forward or feels like it is twisted around backwards or feels like it is tied in a knot. It hurts really bad sometimes I cry and cry due to the pain, I notice that ice doesn;t alleviate the pain. It gets so bad that I am unable to perform my job as a cook making less then 15,000 a year to live. It was bad enough that I had to pay up front a 1600 surgeon bill and 650 anastegiologist bill. All my college money was blown, I am now just getting back into school.

I note that I cannot wear boxers anymore, it hurts too bad to do so, I can only wear 1 pair of pants, any other pants that I used to wear fit too tightly and make it extremely painful to do anything. A good example being that you put your shoes on, when I have these pants on and bend over to put my shoe on my foot and lift my leg to get my foot into my shoe it feels extreme pain right about where your balls are and about where your tendon that runs up the inner side of your right leg right at the top point below your right butt cheek. I sometimes have major difficulty driving because sometimes the pain is so excruciating to sit down It almost feels as if I cannot get comfortable when I sit. Feels like my right butt cheek is out of spot or is putting on my scrotum / right testicle and making it hurt extremly bad.

The doctors have not given me any kind of medicine except naproxem and celebrex. These don't help one bit and I am to the point that I cannot take it anymore. I pay 170 - 180 for all these "new" doctors I see without having any kind of insurance.

I used to be very athletic but now I cannot even do a sit-up. I get the feeling like ive been Kicked in the balls constantly. it gets to the point that I almost wish I would just die because I cannot go through life like this its been over 3 years 3 months since I have had the surgery and i still have persistent pain every day and feels almost like brusing on my groin muscle. The surgery they cut me open I have a scar that runs about 4-5-6 inches that runs from my hip down my groin to my right testicle.

The pain is so extreme I cannot do my job proficently like I used to, I cannot exercise like I used to, I cannot perform daily tasks like I used to. I mean heck doing laundry and dishes and cleaning house is so hard sometimes especially if it is bothering me/ acting up. I know this is a lot to read through but if I dont get a better professional opinion and not just a "well we felt around and had you cough and we didnt feel any hernia"

Almost makes me wonder if there isnt something else that they just lied about saying i had an "inguinal hernia" so they could milk me for 7000 in bills. Note all that was done was a physical and this is what resulted.

I sometimes would have pain in my testicles but I could handle this pain, after having the surgery the pain is about 1000 times worse and it is all over not just in one spot like the "kick in the balls" feeling that it used to just be once in a great while. Now it is everyday, I have to constantly adjust my briefs and pants and belt on a regular basis because it hurts so bad sometimes to just walk a few steps and if my pants are just not in the right spot it feels like im getting stabbed in the balls.

Almost makes me wonder if i just had my balls cut off if i would still have this pain. Basicly my daily functions and activitys and work and whole entire lifestyle have been changed around, no one is offering any real help. The doctor that told me to get the MRI said that it would be about 7-1400 bucks and I am at a point in my lef where I am sick of paying these stupid medical bills, I put my life on hold for 3 dang years to pay this stupid bill and now they want me to go get more tests done and wont prescribe me anything that even helps
This is seriously making me go crazy. I want to go to the doctors office and stab him in the hip with a knife and kick him in the balls to maybe give him a reminder to what he has done to my body and my ability as an individual.

My question is this: Anyone else have problems like this that persistently bother you when you sit down, drive, standing up while pivoting sideways and wearing clothes. I can only wear one pants because they are the only ones that I can feel comfortable 50 percent of the time in. Any of my other pants feel so tight that it starts to make my testicle on the right side hurt extremely bad like someone had hit it.

They say that I am the only one who has ever had post op pain, I dont believe this to be true because I have been suffering for over 3 years now and I personally think they either A> screwed up and are not willing to admit it or B> Did the wrong surgery in the first place

I want a different opinion because obviously the 4-5 doctors around here say "we have no idea"
I feel like I am wasting time, life, and money that I do not have.

Any help would be much appreciated.

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