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Pregnancy after whipple op

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Pregnancy after whipple op

Unread postby HealthForum » Sun Mar 27, 2011 8:27 am

Hi. I'm 40 years old and whilst pregnant found out i had a tumour in my pancreas and had to wait until the birth of my son to have a whipple op. Now 6 months on and everything seems fine and would really like to try for another baby! The problem is that most whipple patients are 60 years plus of age so, no studies have been done( as far as i am aware) due to the fact that a 60 year old is hardly going to fall pregnant after!!! LOL. What i really would like to know is...would it be safe because of the scaring tissue and muscles after all, it would be stretched to the limit for the growing baby? I am not a diabetic and take creon capsules to help my pancreas break down the food but i've been told that would be ok as creon is natural enzimes. Can anyone shed some light on this subject? I really would like to know if it could be possible. Thanks. Very Happy

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