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Pressure feeling in abdomen

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Pressure feeling in abdomen

Postby HealthForum » Sun Mar 27, 2011 9:46 am

Two months ago, after a day of eating bad food, I woke at night to diaherra. On the second bowel movement I broke out in a complete body sweat. Felt fine the next. The day after that I felt pain in lower, right abdomen every time I stood up. Pain only lasted 1 day. Since then I have this pressure feeling in my lower abdomen especially when I sit. Standing and laying down gives me relief but not completely. If I go a day without a bowel movement I notice the pressure feeling will go up my right side to upper abdomen. Sometimes I will feel quick shooting pain at this stage. But for the most part I would like to point out it isn't pain but more of a pressure feeling. I have no pain when I press on my abdomen. I have had a few days of increased salvia and then weeks later I had a few days of dry mouth with white tongue. I take meds for hypothyrod, anxiety and a diuretic for high blood pressure.

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