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Pushing 30, alone and bitter

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Pushing 30, alone and bitter

Unread postby HealthForum » Sun Mar 27, 2011 5:09 pm


Never thought I'd do this, but I hope you all don't mind me venting a bit. Bottom line - I am pushing 30 and never had a girlfriend. It's kinda funny, after all these years alone, I am not exactly pining for anyone, but I just can't feel a kick in the balls each time I see someone getting married or in a relationship.

One thought was always that I never had a "right place right time" moment with someone. A degree of bitterness happens when I hear how someone "met through a friend" or "met at work" and all, but not this guy. The world is moving on leaving me behind. I have no problem in the bar scene, but I really don't feel a connection when I meet someone there. I don't know, but I always thought there would be at least this one moment in my life that the stars would line up, but that crap is for the movies. There was only one girl that I was crazy for, but I didn't have the testicular fortitude to ask her out. She just got married. And I am posting on the internet.

I am not really looking for comfort, but I am looking for people in my circumstance so I know I am not the most pathetic person alive.

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