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Questions about Swollen Lymph nodes and other symptoms...

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Questions about Swollen Lymph nodes and other symptoms...

Unread postby HealthForum » Sun Mar 27, 2011 9:42 am

I am a 26 year old female. Was diagnosed with mononeucleosis (Epstein Barr) virus at 15 years old. I was very sick for years after that, went to see a therapist and an infectious disease specialist who diagnosed me with CFIDS. At about 19-24 years, felt much better. Starting around 24 I started to feel tired and weak all the time again, just considered it a flare up of CFIDS, then I would get bouts of dizziness and break out into a sweat several times per day. Would experience muscle weakness/pain, leg trembling, hard to catch breath even after just walking up my stairs(again all symptoms I had before...but the last 2 years have been worse and I have developed new symptoms that I am not sure if they are all connected or If maybe I have an underlying issue that was misdiagnosed?? My periods are very infrequent, maybe 3 a year. Heavy bleeding and cramping with them. I have discharge from my right nipple. I have been experience chronic constipation and severe abdominal bloating and pain that I was hospitalized for twice. Tenderness under left rib cage and a spasming feeling. Small red pin head sized dots scattered on skin, my hair is now so brittle and keeps breaking off, I break out into sweats at night 3-4 times per week and soak the sheets. I am ALWAYS hot but run a constant low body temp of 97.1-97.7. My skin gets a mottled purple design on it when i'm exposed to the cold. i have had frequent 4 bacterial infections in my kidneys, and once in my colon. And the worst ones are my tender swollen glands, under my jaw is the worst. The sides of my neck are pea sized nodules, one under left breast is pea-sized. and the one under left arm pit...I have no energy and am always so tired and always super thirsty. frequent dry mouth, cant keep my potassium up,I feel like a mess and I am an emotional train wreck. I am staring to feel crazy....I don't have a primary doctor because I no longer have insurance, so different hospital visits=different doctors who are never on the same page. I just want some advice. I love my full time job and I have my own apartment, but it's getting hard to maintain my 40 hours per week, luckily I have a GREAT, UNDERSTANDING boss....It's been a long time and cant remember feeling good anymore. I want my life...any insight or opinions are much appreciated. God Bless

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