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Sagging of breasts

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Sagging of breasts

Unread postby Clarita » Thu Jun 29, 2017 10:14 am

I want to know how and when breasts sag? Whether due to breast feeding or aging?

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Re: Sagging of breasts

Unread postby Avee » Mon Jul 31, 2017 5:47 pm

Sagging of breasts is a totally normal phenomenon. Please do not be alarmed. Although you did not state your age or if you have breastfed or not, sagging breasts can be due to a number of factors. The first reason for sagging breasts is usually genetic. A lot of young girls who have never breastfed or even experienced any sexual encounter have sagging breasts. Genetics has a great role to play in the phenomenon of sagging breasts. Another reason can be due to inadequate support bras, either during breastfeeding or for women in active sports. It is highly important to wear a good support bra. Breastfeeding can also definitely cause sagging of breasts as milk production and the suckling baby puts a strain on the breasts of the mother. Another point to note that causes sagging breasts are aging. My great aunt used to say everything must obey gravity. lol. Old age definitely causes sagging of the breasts. except the cause is genetic, a good supporting bra and exercise can help keep the breasts firm. Generally maintaining a healthy weight and a healthy lifestyle can also help prolong this process of sagging. In truth, this is just a totally normal life process. Nothing to be alarmed about.

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Re: Sagging of breasts

Unread postby divyalal » Sun Oct 15, 2017 9:35 am

Every woman wants to have perfectly shaped breasts throughout her life. Sadly, this is not possible in most cases. Breast sagging is a natural process that happens with age wherein the breasts lose their suppleness and elasticity.

Though saggy breasts usually start happening after a woman reaches 40, it can occur earlier. Apart from age, other factors that cause sagging breasts include breastfeeding, pregnancy, menopause, rapid weight loss or gain, strenuous exercise, nutritional deficiencies and wearing a poorly fitting bra.

Some diseases like breast cancer or respiratory conditions like tuberculosis can also cause breasts to sag. Also, excessive consumption of nicotine, alcohol and carbonated beverages can contribute to the problem.

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