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Sharp Pain in Abdomen

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Sharp Pain in Abdomen

Unread postby HealthForum » Sat Mar 26, 2011 8:50 pm

Hello, I appreciate the generous help and suggestions on this board, and please advise if you believe this is posted in the wrong section.

My friend has liver disease, and just recently (past few months), she has described the following new symptoms:

- sharp, shooting pain in abdomen (see illustration: ldude9/Abdominalpain.jpg )
-- sometimes it gets worse with food and medicine
-- sometimes it is more of a tight pressure feeling
-- it often radiates to her chest, back, and sides
-- often changes throughout the day
-- greater pain after eating

- bloating (especially after eating)
- constipation
- nausea

Doctors have also said that the aorta in her stomach is unusually noticeable, like they can literally see the pumping movement by just looking at her stomach.

I know this isn't all that specific, but any suggestions would be great. As of now she is just given pain medication for it. Please feel free to ask any questions that may help, and all reasonable suggestions that could point us in the right direction is greatly valued.

Thank You.

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