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Spleen Pain...

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Spleen Pain...

Unread postby HealthForum » Sun Mar 27, 2011 4:07 pm

Back in july I began to have a pulling sensation on my left side, I thought was just a pulled muscle since i'd been working out a lot and didn't think much of it. The pain lasted for the rest of the summer and into the school year, it wasn't constant, but annoying. Then at the beginning of october I was diagnosed with mono and was only out for about two weeks before I returned back to my routine activities. I felt like my regular self except that I was tired and the pain on my left side had become more frequent. Then about a week ago, I started to feel exactly like I did in october when I first got mono, so I went back to the doctor. He told me that it was not possible for mono to come back and it was just a viral infection that brought out the same symptoms as mono. I'm feeling better now; however, now the pain on my left side has gotten really bad, it keeps me up at night, it hurts to stand up if i've been laying down for awhile, it hurts to walk, it even hurts to sit. It's also spread from within my lower left rib right down to my wait and across to my lower right rib in a sort of l-shaped fashion. I was wondering if it's possible that my spleen is behind all this and if anyone else has this kind of thing for this long too? Does it seem normal that its been sore for over 5 months now? Thanks a lot everyone

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