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Struggle, Struggle and Struggle

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Struggle, Struggle and Struggle

Postby sarabrown » Sat Sep 16, 2017 9:31 am

It was a long time I want to share my stories with someone. I am a business woman and m husband is my business partner. We are so related to each other and I believe it help us to get the great bonding. We enjoyed a lot with each other.
It’s all about the belief that we hold in ourselves. It is not so easy to change your belief about having a baby in my life. I really don’t want to complain about my situation and I have been trying to change my future.
I have a faith that everything will work out in the end. I want to share my whole story here. It is not the time which is important people consume but the time that help me to figure out my own things.
I have spent lot of time to figure out the things which are not important to get out of the situation. I had issue of uneven periods. At the end of the one month I always feel period’s issues. I checked with the doctors and they said something unusual.
It was so awkward to know that my husband is facing infertility issue. It is not an easy to get out of the situation and making the situation worst. I have no idea what should I do? The feelings are so bad and I really want to take care of myself. I am here to take help about the situation. I wish I will get the important suggestions.

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Re: Struggle, Struggle and Struggle

Postby kelly_K » Thu Sep 28, 2017 5:15 am

HI dear. I can understand you condition very well. I know what you are going through now. It is the time you need to take care of your husband very well so he can gain the high sperm quality and you can both become the parents of the lovely baby. I am here to support you and really understand your situation. On the other hand, I man feeling really happy that you are fully aware about the health of your partner. There are many cases in the world when the man has to face the infertility issues due to low level of sperms and unaware about the health. Now you do not need to get worry and I am here to clear your all the doubts in a professional way. Your husband needs the complete support, love and care of you. To defeat the infertility issues, I would like to suggest to visit to Biotexcom where you can get high standard of treatment and able to get fertile. You can choose Biotexcom and it is the best clinic in Ukraine in defeating the infertility issues.
By staying at home, you can check the sperm quality and make difference in it with the special care. You need to change your schedule and go for the morning walk daily. To enhance the sperm quality, you can add the high nutrients and iron rich supplements in his diet. It help in boosting the immunity system and help in balancing the hormones. Surely you can become the parents of the healthy baby and start the new phase in life. You just need to keep the mind positive and seek for the best result.

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Re: Struggle, Struggle and Struggle

Postby Rita » Tue Mar 27, 2018 8:10 pm

Hello, Sara. You are not alone with your problem. A lot of couples face an infertility issue nowadays. Both male and female infertility are getting very popular nowadays. It’s a huge problem. But medicine is developing rapidly. I’m sure doctors can find the way to help you. Did you try to consult the fertility specialist? Find a good reproduction center and start doing something. There’s no need to waste your time. A lot of women get pregnant through the IVF for example. Why don’t you try it out? It can be a great option for you, dear. Such clinics as BioTexCom are doing their best to help infertile couples. I’m sure they will help you!

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