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Swollen Epididymis

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Swollen Epididymis

Unread postby HealthForum » Sat Mar 26, 2011 8:38 pm

For the last six months iv had a swollen bit at the top of my testical, known as the epididymis apparently, I then got epididy-orchitis due to leaving the problem for a while which is basically inflammation of the testical as well as the epididymis, the problem I have is the both testicals are now sore, and my right epididymis is still swollen after anti biotics etc I was worried I had testical cancer but after seeing 4 different doctors who did a physical exam on me that pretty much rules it out. Has anyone else had this problem and why have I had it for so long I expected it to settle down after a while. Its thought I did it after a injury lifting at work and as I still currently lift heavy objects (people) it is still causing a strain on those parts also occasionally. I dont suffer from really really bad pain but its a niggling pain that doesnt go away really, does anyone have any suggestions and can I rule out the possibiltie of testical cancer also as iv had the problem for so long...Let me know some feed back.

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