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Third Trimester Questions

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Third Trimester Questions

Unread postby lindaalbert » Fri Jun 24, 2011 5:54 am

We are maintaining the pregnancy community in India, here we are around 350 members in our community…

We have posted a questions in online but we did not get proper answers… I will include some of questions from those..please give your suggestions…

1) Questioned by Limlla:

Loss of fluid at 31 weeks pregnant PLEASE HELP!?
My cousin 31 weeks pregnant and she was walking down the stairs this morning and her leggins became wet she felt a gush of fluid iv cleaned herself up and nothing since but wondering if we need to tell anyone?

2) Questioned by Raim:

32 weeks pregnant.. only measuring almost 31…?
I’ve been having weird pains and a lot of heaviness on one side. My doctor felt around and was trying to see if the baby was still breech, she said she doesn’t think so but isn’t positive since the heart beat was below the belly button. She said however that she is pretty sure the baby is transverse??? so my first queston is did this happen oa nyone? What happens? Secondly im measuring small (almost 31 weeks and im about to hit 33 weeks) and she said shes not too worried but will check me Again in 2 weeks to make sure she is growing. Ive only gained 1 pd in 4 weeks so could that be the reason?

3) Questioned by Brome

33 weeks pregnant TMI!?
hi there ladies, today ive had pain in my pubic area sort of my bones (well that’s what it feels like) and about an hour ago i coughed and i felt like a pop there was no water or my knickers weren’t wet but since that my cervix is really hurting, it feels like (if u have had a baby before) after being examined when in labour . has anyone one had this before? thanks

4) Questioned by Lyn:

Iam 34 weeks pregnant?
Iam 34 weeks pregnant and have had problems with bile . Every morning before breakfast as i brush my teeth , i vomit yellowish bile, then blueish and brownish bile . This has occured since i conceived and my morning sickness ended when i was 3 months pregnant . Can this daily removal of bile affect me or my baby in any way because am worried i might exhaust the bile in my body . Someone please advise whether its normal or something critical.

5) Questioned by Rali:

I am 35 weeks pregnant and BPD is 87.2mm is it normal?
I am 35 weeks pregnant now, I had my ultrasound today and doc measured mine BPD 87.2mm and FL 71.7mm & AC 310mm and baby weight is 2.6kgs. I am worried abt these measurements can anyone help me. Just want to know is everything normal? I am due in dec 16th…

6) Questioned by Limras:

I’m 36 weeks pregnant and i have a discharge in light white color it is watery and not thick.?
i have a doubt whether it is amniotic fluid. plz help

7) Questioned by kasya:

I am 37 weeks pregnant and there is a single loop of cord around baby’s neck. Will it cause problem in deliver?
I am afraid of c section delivery. Will this cord cause any problem during normal delivery?

8) Questioned by Rachana goyal:

I’m 38 weeks pregnant pls answer me…?
today morningg i have a water leak…i don’t kno if it s amniotic fluid… filled one napkin, the leak s completely stopped…and also i don’t have any contraction or pain…actually what s that??........any experienced people answer me

9) Questioned by Mommy:

39 weeks pregnant, dilation?
ok, so this is my first baby and i was wondering if i have to request to have the midwife check to see if i am dilating. She hasn’t done any type of exam except to see where the baby’s head is and it’s been engaged for over 4 weeks now. im anxious to get this over with, but im not sure if the procedure needs to be asked for. i thought it was standard.

10) Questioned by Sweety:

I am 40 weeks pregnant. my doctor is going to induce pains artificially.?
i am afraid that inducing pains will decrease chances of normal delivery.

Please suggest your answers here..

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