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"Tickling" sensation at night in hip joints

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"Tickling" sensation at night in hip joints

Postby HealthForum » Sun Mar 27, 2011 12:17 pm

I have searched and searched and have come up empty about this. Most nights, especially when I really want to sleep, I get this irritating "tickle" either in the right lower back, or left, in what feels like the sacralilial joint. This annoying sensation begins when seriously fatigued and I just lay down for rest. I am a 45 yom, with no other health problems and no signs of arthritis. My lower back has had a recent MRI that was normal.

This feels like a nerve thing, but I cannot be sure. I know it doesn't follow the orthodoxy of rls, but I do have to jerk my legs to stop it. It gets so intense sometimes that when I actually do fall asleep, the next morning I felt like I had a fight with someone - and lost. The bed is usually a mess and my back is sore, along with my larger leg muscles, which means I am still writhing around while sleep.

Anyone heard of this? I really don't believe it's RLS, i've read up on that until I'm blue in the noggin. I can't describe the sensation except for this deep tickle, inside the hip or sacral spine area...and it moves from left to right or is both (bad night)

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