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New kidney vs blood acceptance

Unread postPosted: Sun Mar 27, 2011 9:47 am
by HealthForum
New kidney vs blood acceptance

I write re my sister-in-law who lives in Nanning, China, age 39.
Kidney stones caused her condition of permanent kidney disease, which she has had for 3 years. She need dialysis at hospital twice a week, and doctors has given her max. 5 more years to live. She get weaker and weaker, but still manage to go to work, look after her child (age 10) and her family. I have been told that her desease cannot be cured by a donor kidney (from her brother or other) as her blood will not accept new kidney. And that she might die if she undergo an operation/transplantation. My question; is this common for kidney disease, is there anything she can hope for? Would be greatful for answer, i feel this is the least i can do for her, maybe the knowledge is more progressed in other contries. PS! I live in Norway.