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RA and Lupus treatment

Unread postPosted: Sun Mar 27, 2011 9:52 am
by HealthForum
I'm a 49 year old female being treated for RA and LUPUS for 4 years. Intially, I was given prednisone burst and started on Plaquenil and for the first year I was feeling great and then they increased the plaquenil from 400 mg per day to 600mg it didn't work, so the doctor reduced it back to 400mg and added Imuran twice a day for six months and when that wasn't working he increased it to 4 times a day which is the max and I'm still feeling very poor. Today, my husband touched the back of my shoulder blade and the pain was extreme. What's happening to me? I made a follow-up apointment. I'm thinking about going to Mayo Clinic I need some hope. I get this pain in my hands and elbows that won't allow me to get any sleep. Sometimes they feel like they're on fire, my heart starts to beat rapidly and I sweat. I feel like I'm going to die