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Hydrazine Sulfate - where to buy pills, i made research

Unread postPosted: Wed Jun 05, 2013 10:41 am
by forumhealth
Hydrazine sulfate may block the tumor from taking in glucose, which is a type of sugar that tumor cells need to grow.

In randomized clinical trials (a type of research study), hydrazine sulfate did not make tumors shrink or go away. In some randomized trials, however, hydrazine sulfate was reported to be helpful in treating anorexia and cachexia caused by cancer.

What is hydrazine sulfate:
Price: One hundred 60 mg pills, enough for one month, costs about $30.

My mother wanted this Hydrazine Sulfate and was quite hopeless finding where to buy. So here is what we found, where to buy Hydrazine Sulfate:

There you can find 30mg or 60mg of hydrazine sulfate. Difference is that 30mg is for 125pounds/57kg of weight. 60mg for weight above. (We Ship International!) - search "hydrazine" on this website (60mg on this page, 40-70 world shipping) (search: hydrazine sulfate caps or hydrazine sulfate 30mg 60mg) (search: hydrazine sulfate caps or hydrazine sulfate 30mg 60mg)

(If you want clickable links, try

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Remember, when shipping and buying, you are buying for "personal use only and not a medication" maybe rather a dietary supplement.