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twisted spermatic cord ???

Unread postPosted: Sat Mar 26, 2011 8:45 pm
by HealthForum
hello everyone

im having a problem with my testicles and hoping you guys can help me out
about 3-4 weeks ago, my left testicle went kinda horizontal, i felt no pain, but the look freaked me out. i asked a friend about it and he said dont worry about it, its normal for them to move around
a couple days goes by and i decided to masturbate, i noticed that when i ejaculate it isnt as strong as it use to be and doesnt feel too good neither, but it doesnt hurt and theres no blood coming out
ive been thinking that the problem came from me masturbating too much, so ive stopped and my left testicle hasnt went into any awkward positions but now the three vein like things that you see when you lift your penis up(on the left, middle and right side), seem really loose especially on the left side and occasionally there is this pain that feels like if youve hit yourself in the nuts on accident, the testicles look normal, when there warm they hang, ones lower than the other, ive felt my testicles with my two fingers and thumb, only once i felt a slight pain while touching them and it was the left testicle

so what im trying to ask is, if there is any problem within the scrotum, Will it repair itself naturally or must i see a doctor?

Edit: also forgot to say, its kinda hard to urinate now, not sure if every man does this, but i stand there for a sec and have to kinda prepare myself for it, theres no pain but sometimes the urine splits into two different directions
and when my balls are cold, the loose vein things i was talking about, look normal and not loose, but when their warm and hanging thats when the three veins become loose