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Severe body and muscle joint pain

Unread postPosted: Sun Mar 27, 2011 8:45 am
by HealthForum
I am 30 years old. Last 10 months I am suffering from severe body,muscle,joint pains whole body , body weakness,mind fog,hearing problem , concentration problem ,memory problem , light body warm feeling,fatigue ,recollecting words problem,light stammering ,mild diarrhea and some times skin itching on stomach and on legs.I consulted general physician. No progress in my problem.On my own I did urine culture test.E choli count is 1,00,000.I don't remember the exact technical bacteria of culture test.Then I consulted urologist.I took medicine for 6 months. There is no reduction in the count.Last week I have undergone cystoscopy test. There is mild bladder infection. I am using medicines.My question is Whether I approached right doctor to the above mentioned symptoms.Doctors are not confident to my problems. They are assuming something and giving medicines.Guide me what is actual reason to my problem? Are there any tests available in India-chennai to find the root cause of this problem