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VigRX real reviews

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VigRX real reviews

Unread postby forumhealth » Sat Jun 04, 2011 11:27 pm

VigRX Reviews Source:

For men who need bigger, harder, longer-lasting erections #1 best-selling male enhancement supplement.

VigRX review #1
I titled this review as 'What do you want?' for a reason. I have used this product and many other enhancement products in the past to see if they work, some did, some didn't. Well, Vig-RX did increase drive for about the first two to three months and increased flaccid size (hung longer and thicker giving the appearance of increased length, a noticeable difference!) but that was about it. I have always noticed on the websites for these types of pills, the man is always flaccid during the before and after pictures (and the pictures are always zoomed in a little closer in the 'after pictures), which, as I said, is where the size increase occurs and is very noticeable. If you want increase drive, stamina and thickness this product works decently. However, if your looking for a significant increase in length, well, I don't think any pill will do that. Also, this is an herbal supplement so you may have a different response so my advice would be to start out with one bottle (maybe two) to see if it works for you.

VigRX review #2
First of, after trying a few of these so-called "penis enlargment pills", I have found that these vigrx pills have had the most effect on me. Which by that, I mean they have given my sex drive a huge boost, and they make me rock hard, which for me is good enough to buy them. As for a bigger penis, doesn't do anything for that, which i'm pretty sure is the case with any pill.

VigRX Plus enhancement pills Review #3
With an understanding partner, it will all work out. The effects of such therapy are not permanent, however. You will need to stay on the schedule for 3 or 4 months to really get the full effect. The best results occur when VigRx Plus is combined with a volumizer, like Semenax. Once you are using VigRx Plus regularly, you will find yourself ready when the moment is right. No instant results like Viagra, but no side effect either. Recommended for healthy adult males looking for some help.

VigRX Plus - Official Website:


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