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Viral Meningitis side effects

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Viral Meningitis side effects

Unread postby HealthForum » Sun Mar 27, 2011 9:55 am


I was recently hospitalized for Viral Meningitis (admitted 28 Aug 2008 – Discharged 02 SEP 2008). I am a healthy 57 year old male.

I am hoping to find out more about the after effects of the disease.

My recovery seemed to go fairly normal for the first 2 weeks. All my mental capacities appeared to be normal. However, I noticed that about 3 weeks after being discharged, I started to experience some after effects – specifically difficulty in concentration, short-term memory lapses, ringing in the ears and clumsiness. These have persisted now for about 2 weeks and are still present today. I am becoming increasingly concerned that these after effects may be permanent. Can you tell me if these after effects (especially considering the timing – 3 weeks after discharge) should be cause for concern or am I being overly concerned about the pace of my recovery? Is it unusual for these after effects to present themselves 3 weeks after discharge?

Kind Regards and thanks in advance.....

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