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*Warning* on ST. John's Wart

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*Warning* on ST. John's Wart

Unread postby kevinw » Wed May 09, 2012 12:40 am

ST. John's Wart is a herbal supplement that can help someone with depression.

How it does the job is that the active ingredient within this all natural herb is something generally known as MAOI.

Inside your brain you've got something called neurotransmitter which is a chemical substance that can help neurons communicate with each other. :hand

These types of neurotransmitters don’t last forever and require to get changed. MAOI prevents a protein from destroying or cleaning up used neurotransmitters.

If so many are removed than depression can take place. So the bottom line is MAOI helps neurons talk to each other which will help with depressive disorders. :party

MOI’s also helps to raise something called Tyramin a molecule that influences blood pressure. So taking a St. John’s wort can make someone feel better however blood pressure can rise quickly resulting in a blood vessel in your brain to burst and brain damage to occur. :cry

More bad news is that it’s appropriate for people not to eat meals that are high in tyramin. Unfortunately the list is very big. :sad

St. John’s Wort also interacts negatively with many, many prescription drugs. Therefore if someone is taking any type of medicine it’s usually best to seek advice from an excellent doctor about interactions.

Now you may be wondering if St. John’s Wort really works. Well it can work and taking it in brief dosages for brief amounts reduces the danger. Which brings up another risk is that it can be habit forming. :'no :'no :'no

What do you think? Have you had good experiences with this supplement?

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