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What could this be?

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What could this be?

Unread postby kick00 » Wed May 09, 2012 9:33 pm

Does anyone have any suggestions on what could be wrong with me? Last September my doctor had me go to ER, when I had chest tightness/soreness right under the sternum, sweating and indigestion. I was run thru heart tests and everything checked out. My doctor had me take a PPI and said it was probably gerd. I told her it wasn't happening when eating, but she said still could be. I went back numerous times. Pain below sternum and neck pain, when doing things, like cooking, stairs, etc. Still said anxiety and Gerd. Now I was having eating problems, was she right or was the PPI now causing added problems. It continued to get worse and more often. Also losing weight because now pain when eating. Went to cardiologist said not your heart, ended back in ER in Jan and Feb. A scope was done, some gastritis but nothing else. The cardiologist was the only one to mention I was dangerously underweight. My doctor still says anxiety, gerd and now eating disorder ! Yeah it hurts to eat.Even went to a therapist, who has said yes you are depressed and anxious, but they are not the cause of your pain. Went to new doctor now who is running blood work, ultrasound, gave me new gerd medicine. Ultrasound doesn't show any thing major, little spot on liver and something in the kidney "rennal pyramid"So I am now able to eat, and gaining weight (although, I still have bad gas). But the inital problem is getting worse. I am fine when sitting or laying down, but when doing some activities I am having the following problems. When bending certain ways, sometimes on stairs or even some other things, like today I was standing in line and all of a sudden, I feel my neck and back start to tighten like a steel rod, it radiates up my head. Then the left side of my neck and left jaw, temple start throbbing. Sometimes my left arm will start hurting too. Got in the car and got home even below my breastbone to alittle above my navel is sore and my left "lovehandle" area sore too. 2 hours later typing, I still have a slight headache on the left side of my face, my neck and back are killing me, like they are out of whack and need to be adjusted and my abdomen is a little sore also. My neck actually does snap a little bit when I try moving it. Sometimes the pain below my sternum can be very intense. I have been off work for 2 months. I know as gain weight back, I will gain strength back, but these symptoms happen often and I never know what will set it off. Oh when I first get up in the moring it is worse. I worried it was my heart because it happens with activity, but standing in line isn't really that active. I worry is it a trapped nerve, a blocked artery? some weird muscular thing, a disease. Any suggestions at all? I don't know where to turn, what kind of doctor to see. I am going to see a gastro specials and a psyciatrist, but I don't think they are going to find anything. I was extremely active until this happened, now I am afraid to go to the store, bend down to pick something up or even go downstairs to get laundry. Thanks for any suggestions.

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