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Xiphoid Process?

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Xiphoid Process?

Unread postby HealthForum » Sun Mar 27, 2011 8:41 am

For 10 weeks now I have been suffering from an unusual health condition. The region of my xiphoid process has seemed enlarged/swollen (more so than normal) and it is extremely sensitive/painful to touch. It seems that pain radiates outward through my arms and especially to my back from that one spot. I had a very similar condition for three weeks last fall. I had a CT scan last fall that showed nothing significant. Fast forward 8 months later and I am hit with the same condition once again. I notice that when it initially hits I have symptoms similar to that of a heart attack. This time round I have had multiple tests done (EKG, multiple blood tests). All of these turned out normal. I also had a ultra sound and hydascan done on my gallbladder this past May. They determined that my gallbladder wasn't working properly and they advised me to get it removed. I did just that. The surgeon informed me that the gallbladder was pretty inflamed and that he thought that THAT was the source of my problem. However, the same debilitating problem in the xiphoid region remains (though a bit more tolerable than it use to be). I have also had an endoscopy and colonscopy done to check for ulcers or other issues that may contribute to my problem. They all turned out normal.

So, here I sit. I've discovered that taking pain pills, drinking hot tea, and wearing ice packs helps (even back massages from my wife helps). But every day I look down at my xiphoid process region and it continues to appear and feel swollen, and it still sends radiating pain throughout my body. I am scheduled to see an internal medicine doctor on Monday. I may suggest getting an MRI done. But I am doubtful how this would be helpful since the CT scan last fall showed nothing significant. I have seen a chiropractor who took x-rays of my spine which revealed that my spine was kinda messed up. But I want to rule out more serious issues before I continue on with a chiropractor.

Anyone suffer from something similar or any idea as to what it may be?

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