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Yeast Infection Tips

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Yeast Infection Tips

Postby JanicePhillips » Thu Feb 25, 2016 10:29 am

Eat yogurt and garlic.
If itching and burning does not subside within 2-3 days after initiation of antibiotic treatment and application of additional medicines, consult your doctor. Look for a doctor immediately if your symptoms are accompanied by pain in the lower abdomen, fever or painful urinirarane.

Fungal infections are varied, but the most common are the skin and nails. Athlete's foot is a contagious disease that is transmitted from person to person through household items. If any of the family it befall fungal problems - measures must take all family members
It's nice to disinfect everything they have touched fungus. For example, the tub should be cleaned with a mixture of equal parts laundry detergent and chlorine var.Obuvkite from inside with soaked in formalin (25%) and acetic acid (40%) pad. Underwear can be disinfected by boiling water. Then press with a hot iron. Manicure scissors dipped in alcohol, then glowed flame.


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