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Zika Virus (A Birth Defect Phenomena) – Why Bill Gates Is Ac

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Zika Virus (A Birth Defect Phenomena) – Why Bill Gates Is Ac

Unread postby mistyjhones » Wed Feb 17, 2016 8:02 am

The latest revelation about Zika virus involves a project for genetically-modified mosquito funded by Bill and Malinda Foundation which is suspected to be the cause of rapid spread microcephaly (the birth defect that causes brain damage or small heads in newly born babies). Brazil with more than a million cases is considered the epicenter of Zika outbreak.

Brazil is the same country where the genetically modified mosquito project carried out and now the same mosquito is said to be used to spread of Zika virus.

According to The Event Chronical;
Zika is detected in 18 states of Brazil, is transmitted by Aedes aegypti, genetically modified by a British Biotech firm Oxitec. These GM Mosquitoes were supposed to fight with the spread of zika virus, chikungunya, yellow and dengue fever. However scientists have alarmed that this research had too few controls to ensure this mosquito will work for good and instead they may cause Zika virus outbreak in the region.

There isn’t any conclusive prove that this GM mosquito project has actually spread the Zika virus, but it is worth to be investigated.

Was that just an accident?

At least, this project wasn’t practical or relied on sloppy science because in theory only male mosquitoes were altered so they would generated larvae that collapse before birth. However some of them may survive.

A post in Reddit reported;
The OX513A mosquitoes released in Juazeiro city produced larvae that die in the absence of antibiotics that help destroy wild mosquito population. Around 3 to 4 percent larvae reached to adulthood in the absence of tetracycline antibiotic that then are free to be reproduced.

Another evidence appear in Zero Hedge is that around 15% of GM mosquito breed can survive because of the presence of environmental tetracycline antibiotic and apparently it seems that Oxitec Company was aware of this fact.

As reported by Zero Hedge:
"A confidential Oxitec internal document revealed in year 2012, that survival rate is as high as 15 percent, even with the lower levels of tetracycline in the environment. Indeed, that 15 percent survival rate was explained by Oxitec."

The story continues
It is easily being seen that where the Zika virus disaster might fit in with the Bill Gates’ admitted agenda of depopulation. Not only are the babies that are being born with small or nearly dead brain, now females across Latin America are being forced not to have babies during next 2 years. May be coincidence? But the latest news is that Genetically Modified Mosquitoes are now supposed to be used to fight against the further spread of the Zika Virus.


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